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Gym Leader no. 5: Koga/Janine “The Poisonous Ninja Master”

Because I won’t be re-doing these gyms, I have to talk about both of Fuchsia City’s gym leaders. This Father/Daughter ninja team specializes in poison-type pokemon. Koga uses two koffing, a muk, and a weezing when battled, and Janine uses two weezing, a crobat, an ariados, and a venomoth. They both give out the Soul Badge and a TM (toxic or poison jab) upon defeat.

Koga’s appearance in the anime was, like most of the other gym leaders besides Misty and Brock, very short-lived. His gym is located on the road outside of Fuchsia City, so Ash and Co. pretty much run into it by accident. Like the games, the gym is a series ninja tests, invisible walls included. Ash defeats Koga, who uses a venomoth, and gains his newest badge.

Janine never gets an appearance in the anime, so there isn’t really a lot to talk about here…

Not a lot is known about Koga (he’s a ninja. We aren’t supposed to know!!!!!). What makes him cool, however, is his promotion in the 2nd generation games. Sometime in the span between gen, 1 and gen. 2, Koga gets asked to become a member of the Elite Four. Koga accepts (Duh!!) and leaves the running of the Fuchsia City gym to his daughter, Janine. Koga then continues to be his bad-ass ninja self, and Janine runs the gym, motivated to be as good as her father.

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